Guild Philosophy

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Guild Philosophy

Postby Fayedon » Sun Feb 03, 2008 7:08 am

So you wanna be a Hero, eh? Well there's a few things you should know about our guild, and this post will document all of the important priorities, rules, and guidelines of The Pretend Heroes.


TPH was founded in 2001 in Dark Age of Camelot. A handful of Hibernians on the Igraine server wanted to start a guild that would value having fun in a laid-back, close-knit environment. It was an option for folks who value chemistry, teamwork, and a family environment...something that large, uber guilds simply cannot offer. TPH is currently active in World of Warcraft. Many of our members have been gaming together for years, and some of the original founders still remain.


As stated, the primary goal of TPH is to create an environment in which people can have fun. While each individual has their own concept of what fun is, TPHers generally enjoy a laid-back, yet successful lifestyle. Most members log on to their respective game daily, but realize that there is more to life than just the MMO they play. Our players are exceptionally skilled, and our member retention rate is extremely high, which leads to PvE and PvP raids that excel due to our fantastic chemistry.

[SIZE="4"]General Rules[/SIZE]

While we are a relaxed group, TPH realizes that there is a need for rules and regulations. We don't do drama here, so it's important that our members adhere to the few rules to do have.

Rule #1: Respect your guildmates.
MMOs can definitely be frustrating, but they are not the most important thing in the world. They are in essence, a microcosm of the real world, and with that there are real emotions at stake. However, even in the most high-pressure situations, it is never okay to yell or verbally berate your fellow guildmates. If there is a problem, calmly and quietly send them a PM, but do not yell at them in Ventrilo or belittle them in guild chat or on the message board. This applies to members of alliances as well.

Rule #2: Respect the guild.

Most guilds are just a collection of people who like to game together, but TPH transcends that. We are a very close group, and highly loyal to each other.

Rule #3: Be helpful.
The Ms in MMO stand for "Massively Multiplayer" which means that most goals cannot be accomplished alone. It is not required that you constantly help your guildies, but it is definitely encouraged. If certain players have things they really want to accomplish, or items they really want to obtain, lend them a hand! Kindness goes a long way to strengthening the guild as a whole, and it is certainly remembered when you might need help with a task of your own. In addition, scheduled events often require a certain number of people, and it is important that you attend them whenever possible.

Rule #4: Be prepared.
Part of being a TPHer involves being mature and prepared for adult topics. All TPHers must be 18 years of age and not be offended by crass chat or obscenities. If you blush when you hear somebody drop an f-bomb, it probably isn't the guild for you. It is also important that you come prepared to scheduled events. We have a Ventrilo server for fast communication, and it is required for nearly all PvE and PvP raids. Our schedule leaves plenty of free time for the guild, but if you are attending an event, it is vital that you are pay attention, stay focused, and play your character to the best of your ability.

Rule #5: Be excellent to each other...and...PARTY ON DUDES!
The folks in TPH are much more fun-loving than the formality of this post indicates. Even in the most serious and stressful situations you will find us joking around and having a good time. We are a helpful group of folks that enjoy seeing fellow members accomplish their goals. Often times that is incentive enough for us to lend a hand. Furthermore, the chemistry we have with each other gives birth to skill on the battlefield. Get to know your guildies. hang out and chat with them whenever possible. This will bring you success personally, and during online events.

[SIZE="4"]Raiding Rules (World of Warcraft)[/SIZE]

All Raids
It is important that all members who are interested in attending a raid show up on time, which is generally a few minutes before the raid actually starts. If a person knows that he or she will be a bit late, they should inform the raid leader ahead of time. Failure to arrive on time could result in you forfeiting your spot. We continue to work on ways to improve raid balance, while ensuring everybody gets a chance to attend. We use for our sign-up sheets. If you are drafted it is imperative that you attend the raid.
Raids move quickly, so be sure to be prepared ahead of time and stay focused during the raiding process. Listen to the raid leader, familiarize yourself with any loot rules, and don't be afraid to ask questions. At times, during new encounters, the raid leader may ask that if you sign up for a new raid you read various strategies or perhaps watch a video.

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Postby Fayedon » Sun Feb 03, 2008 7:10 am

Q: I am interested in hardcore raiding and getting as much gear as possible. Is TPH a hardcore raiding guild?
A: In short, no. TPH is a strong advocate of balance between PvE, PvP, and free time. Our online goals are important, but we value our real lives as wel. While we have events scheduled several times a week, we do not raid constantly. Loot is important in any MMO, which is something we all understand, but to TPHers, it's not the #1 priority.

Q: Why aren't you a hardcore raiding guild?
A: In larger, hardcore raiding guilds, the emphasis is often placed on material success. Progression and loot accumulation are the goals, and with larger guilds, you don't get to know or appreciate your guildies very well. Being a mid-sized guild, TPH offers a friendly, fun environment, where chemistry comes first and material success is a byproduct.

Q: I am less than 18, but mature for my age. Can I join?
A: Unfortunately not. While we understand that many people are used to adult topics prior to their 18th year, we cannot in good conscience invite minors.

Q: I am looking for a guild who can help me complete several quests, tasks, and gear me up. Can you help?
A: Our members are always happy to lend a hand, but other people also have goals of their own. We do our best to help our members, but it unreasonable for you to expect us to constantly heed your beck and call.

Q: I think I'd like to be a member of TPH...where do I sign up?
A: You can visit our Forums located at or just ask PH officer and we'll get you going. Simpy copy and paste our guild application and create a new post on our Guild Recruitment Forums. It's best to group with our members beforehand, so we have some experience with you. If after a while you find out you don't fit, then that's quite alright, but most members feel at home shortly after joining.

Q: I have a few more questions...who can assist me?
A: A TPH officer can help you out, but if one is not available, any TPH member should be able to help you.

Q: I'm in TPH, but I don't think it's working out for me. If I leave and explore other options, can I come back?
A: TPH is more than just a guild, and we want to make sure that everybody fits in well with our philosophy and unique style of play. If it turns out TPH is not for you, we certainly understand your decision to leave. However, you should not expect to be reinvited back, and those prone to wild emotional fits would be wise to maintain their composure when considering leaving the guild, as it is not something to be taken lightly. Reinvites rarely happen, and returning players often have a damaging effect on guild chemistry. We are not fans of guild-hoppers, and certainly don't like feeling used...we're not the sock between your matresses.

Q: QQ?
A: QQ more, nQQb!

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